Etsy 101 – Keys to Selling Online

Want to know the secrets for setting up a rockin’ Etsy shop?

Fantastic! I am going to take you on an online guided tour of Etsy and tell you exactly how you too can be a success story.

I was flown out to Etsy HQ in June 2012 and trained to be an official Etsy Educator (I even have the badge to prove it!). I am going to teach you what you need to know to set up an Etsy shop, get your first sales, build outstanding traffic, and the four keys to Etsy success. Pretty much everything you need to know to build a thriving shop that even makes money while you sleep!

Jenna Herbut - Etsy Educator

At Etsy HQ!

You Want To…

  • set up your shop the right way to ensure success?
  • learn how to post new items so potential customers will easily find them…and fall in love?
  • take pictures that sell themselves?
  • connect with a community that will support you full heartily?
  • get insider tips from an Etsy superstar who has sold thousands of items?! Yes, it IS possible.
  • hear advice directly from the woman who is behind The Sellers Handbook?

BUT You Feel…

  • overwhelmed with where to start and how grow your sales?
  • intimidated by how many sellers are already on Etsy?
  • worried that you don’t have enough hours in the day?
  • feel like you already missed the boat?


I hear you! It can be scary to go at it alone BUT,  this program has removed allllllllll the guess work out, so no need to worry my crafty friend! Etsy is a simple, easy to use, INCREDIBLE platform that is designed especially for people like you!

Wondering how exactly this course works?

Good questions! Like all Make It University courses, everything is online. This means you learn when you want, where you want. You can even wear your bunny slippers! All material is presented through video, but you can also just listen along while you craft. The program will take you about 2.5 hours to complete. Everything is presented in a fun, engaging and upbeat way!

Plus you get 3 bonus interviews that give you even more tips and techniques on how to grow your Etsy shop. One of the interviews is with Michelle Spaulding who works at  Etsy HQ on the Community Teams and is a shop review ninja! She explains the most important tips sellers need to know. Another interview is with a top seller who has sold over 3300 items! The last interview is with an Etsy seller who has mastered social media integration and is a customer service expert. These interviews will not only inspire you, but also show you just how simple selling on Etsy really is. You CAN do this!

By the time you are done, you are going to be so jazzed up and excited you will likely feel the urge to dance. If you need music suggestions, just let me know ;)

Another exciting bonus!

As a Make It University student  you also get full access to the student lounge where you can share and learn from other awesome creative entrepreneurs!

Etsy 101-Keys to Selling Online is also valuable for Etsians who have been at it a while too. There is still lots of juicy stuff for you to learn! The bonus interviews alone are worth the price of admission. Solid gold biz nuggets guaranteed.

Anyone can be successful on Etsy, and this course will show you exactly how.

Let’s get this Etsy party started!


You get all this good stuff for only $35!

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